It all started in 2005 with a small presence on ebay. Then we were hooked on collecting and then it became all about faracasfinest on ebay. This is the web site for faracasfinest owner of faracasfinest.com; ebay seller (faracasfinest) and store owner (FARACASFINEST) on ebay. @faracasfinest on twitter. We sell vintage collectibles, and estate jewelry on ebay. We also do web design and coding for ecommerce, blogs and social networking. Please use our contact form or click here to talk to us, we would like to hear from you.

Visit our shop or see our ebay store with many products for sale click here. We like to make deals so if you happen to see something that we have and would like to make us an offer, please feel free to ‘make us an offer we can’t refuse’.