where does turquoise come from: what is turquoise

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What is turquoise

What is turquoise?

Turquoise is a semi-precious stone that has been used in jewelry making for thousands of years. The stone usually comes in shades of pale blue with contrasting veins in a darker color. Turquoise has been and continues to be widely prized as a material for making vivid, elegant and flattering jewelry items such as vintage turquoise rings, antique turquoise jewelry and antique turquoise rings for people of all tastes and backgrounds.

Where does turquoise come from?

In Europe, the name of the stone derives from the French word for Turkish. This is because the stone was first brought to European courts in the sixteenth century as a result of trade with the country of Turkey. Antique turquoise pieces are still found today in many European countries. Those in search of a specific items such as an antique turquoise ring will find it here.

Today, turquoise is used for jewelry and decorative objects in many parts of the world.

The world's supply of turquoise comes primarily from mines found in ancient Iranian mines. Turquoise stones are also found in mines in the American southwest. Natives of the region have been using turquoise in their jewelry for many centuries. Today, high quality turquoise jewelry is still frequently seen in this region. Local jewelers and craftsman often work with the stone to create jewelry designs that draw on the heritage and culture of the Native Americans who have traditionally inhabited this region.
The American states of Nevada and Arizona still have large deposits of turquoise that are shipped around the world.
Certain mines, such as the Sleepy Beauty mine and the Kingman mine, are noted as producers of very high quality turquoise with intense color. Other sources of turquoise include China, Australia, Afghanistan, India, the United Kingdom and regions of Northern Chile.

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